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IQC 206: Advanced Coastal Cruising Instructor Qualification Clinic (1-Evening)

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18+

Advanced Coastal Cruising Instructor Qualification Clinic

The Instructor Qualification Clinics (IQC) are not training courses but rather an evaluation of the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and ability to teach ASA classes. This ASA 206 IQC is the fifth instructor-level clinic in the ASA keelboat training system and certifies an individual for teaching the ASA 106, Advanced Coastal Cruising course which includes night time sailing. ASA Instructor Certification Standards parallel those required for students but at a much higher level and with an emphasis on teaching skills. Candidates are evaluated by a certified ASA Instructor Evaluator and must score 90% or more on the written examination, pass a rigorous oral examination, and demonstrate extensive on-the-water skills.


  1. Candidates must be a current ASA member, or willing to reactivate your membership.
  2. Candidates must be ASA 201, 203, 204 & 205 Instructor Certified and have completed the ASA 106 student course.
  3. Candidates must have at least one year of Instructor experience at the ASA 204 Level.

How To Register
Apply for the ASA 206 IQC by downloading and printing the ASA Instructor Application Form then emailing the completed application to

Schedule of Clinics

Please view our current schedule of Instructor Training dates at: or call us at 757-480-7245

Have Questions about the clinic or application process? Email or call us at (757) 480-7245.

Even though you can earn your ASA Instructor Certificate without holding a US Merchant Marine Credential (captain’s license), you will not be eligible to work as an instructor on US federal waters without your USCG Captain’s License.

(rev 2022-12-02-B)